We consider our prices to be fair not cheap. The question that needs to be asked is why are some other financial training companies prices so high?
Being residential means that we can actually start at 9.00 am working typically through until 5.00 pm. Our 4 day course gives the same number of hours as a typical 5 day course. With some training companies, the last day is largely made up of revision and ends early. If the subject has been taught well in the first place, why do you need to spend a day revising what you already know, especially if you enjoy unlimited support form your tutor? In addition, having small classes means that delegates have much more of the trainers attention and this really aides their understanding. There is a lot of CeMAP® 1 that is carried over in to CeMAP® 2 and if it has been taught correctly then it only requires a brief refresher of the key points, leaving much more time to be spent on the new areas covered within CeMAP® 2.
In a word, no. Others may offer guaranteed jobs but please remember, self employment is not employment. When speaking to them, ask this one question: what is my guaranteed income on a monthly basis during the next twelve months? What we do offer with our 35 year industry experience is unbiased career guidance not placement.

No, we don’t believe that this will help delegates pass their exams. In one specimen paper a question is asked:

David has been particularly attracted to investment trusts because of their ability to benefit from gearing. This indicates that David believes that the market will:

But in another specimen paper they ask the same question in a different way:
David, has been concerned over investing in a particular Investment Trust because of its high gearing ratio. This indicates that David believes that markets will:

Whilst later on the same question is asked in a third way:
Which of the following is true in relation to the manager of an investment trust?

Three questions all relating to the same answer and unless you understand what it is that is being asked you could well get a question wrong if they ask it in a different way. Furthermore, the London Institute of Banking & Finance release 150 questions per unit from what we understand to be a bank of 700, so just studying the questions and answers won’t get you to the magic 70% pass rate, only understanding gained via a course can do this.

This is a tricky question. There are many companies to choose from; the first thing for us has to be a personal recommendation, do you know someone who has already used that company? On a recent course 60% of the delegates had been recommended by their friends.

Secondly, speak to the administration team and if possible to the trainer, get a feel for them and then you will get a much clearer picture of what they can offer you.

Thirdly, does the training provider care about their own professionalism, have they sought and achieved recognition by the London Institute of Banking & Finance and the National Skills Academy Financial Services?

In the industry you are joining it is the norm for financial courses to be residential. Getting away from the distractions of everyday life means that you can concentrate fully on the task of passing the exams and getting that mortgage adviser job.

Everything that you need to pass the CeMAP® qualification either classroom based or by HomeStudy will be provided by Uberrimae Fidei but in order to take the exam you will need to register with the London Institute of Banking & Finance. Currently, the registration fees are £167 per module, there are 3 modules to complete the full CeMAP® qualification.

Course Costs

CeMAP® 1 Clasroom – £495
CeMAP® 2 & 3 Clasroom – £495
CeMAP® 1,2 & 3 – £845
*SAVE £145 / 15%

CeMAP Diploma – £249
CeRER® Half Day – £149
CeRER® HomeStudy – £125
DipFA FSRE – £450
DipFA AFA (per module) – £175

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Home Study Course Costs

Full CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3 Course – £475
with unlimited email support

Full CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3 Course – £325
with no email support

Full CeMAP® 1 Course – £245
with unlimited email support

Full CeMAP® 2 & 3 Course – £275
with unlimited email support

CeMAP Diploma – £199

Please note that there is no VAT to pay on any of our prices!

After Course Support

At the end of your course you will be given a comprehensive HomeStudy package. This includes:

  • Extended slides and notes from the course you have attended.
  • An internet link to over 26 complete exams, with over 3,000 questions.
  • A series of flashcards, for those last minute revision aides
    Free to re-attend all or part of the course *
  • Online support 7 days a week, for as long as you need us *
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