People often enquire as to whether we will send them just the questions, to which our answer has always been no. We are always happy to send over the free CeMAP® 1 test paper to show you what to expect in the exam itself. We are led to believe that there are 700 questions per module in the London Institute of Banking & Finance bank, each year they release 150 questions to delegates, so simply by going through the available questions provided by them will only show less than 25% of the potential examination questions, you need 70% to pass.

Seeing the questions alone is not enough, understanding is everything which is where a course such as ours is invaluable. Delegates on our Residential and HomeStudy courses receive an internet link providing them with over 3,000 indicative questions, which means that they can practice exam style conditions and questions whenever they want.

Course Costs

CeMAP® 1 Clasroom – £495
CeMAP® 2 & 3 Clasroom – £495
CeMAP® 1,2 & 3 – £845
*SAVE £145 / 15%

CeMAP Diploma – £249
CeRER® Half Day – £149
CeRER® HomeStudy – £125
DipFA FSRE – £450
DipFA AFA (per module) – £175

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Home Study Course Costs

Full CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3 Course – £475
with unlimited email support

Full CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3 Course – £325
with no email support

Full CeMAP® 1 Course – £245
with unlimited email support

Full CeMAP® 2 & 3 Course – £275
with unlimited email support

CeMAP Diploma – £199

Please note that there is no VAT to pay on any of our prices!

After Course Support

At the end of your course you will be given a comprehensive HomeStudy package. This includes:

  • Extended slides and notes from the course you have attended.
  • An internet link to over 26 complete exams, with over 3,000 questions.
  • A series of flashcards, for those last minute revision aides
    Free to re-attend all or part of the course *
  • Online support 7 days a week, for as long as you need us *
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