There is always the Catch 22 situation. You know that you want to change career, but you also know that you need to carry on working in your present job to bring in a salary. In an industry such as mortgage advice, to secure a job you must have the CeMAP® qualification. Home study is the answer.
CeMAP® is one of those qualifications which are ideally suited to studying at home. Not only is it broken in to three modules, CeMAP® 1, 2 and 3, but each module is further broken down making it easy to dip in and out of whilst learning.

The ability to study CeMAP® at home has many different benefits. Primarily, it allows you to carry on at your present occupation whilst working towards your change of career. In addition, you can work at your pace. There may be times when it simply not practical to study. With CeMAP® home study courses you can learn at the pace and times that are convenient to you.

How does CeMAP® Home Study work?

Our home study course is modelled on our highly successful CeMAP® residential course. You are sent our “Making Sense of Money” guide, this is a gentle introduction to the subject. Throughout the guide, we have highlighted the key areas to become familiar and learn. Via an internet link we have 9 lessons which correspond to a days training on the residential course. As you will not be present in the classroom the presentations are more fully explained in the slides. At the end of every day’s session there are questions to help ensure that you have fully grasped what has been covered within your home study.

One of the advantages of our CeMAP® home study courses, is that although we have put them as day lessons, you can view them at your own pace. You can take a break and come back to them at your leisure.

Once you have completed each part of the course, CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3, you then use our internet link to 26 complete exams and 10 indicative exams. Indicative means that many of these questions have been used in actual CeMAP® exams in the past and could well again. The internet link allows you to practice the exams exactly as they are in the Pearson Vue centres where you take the test.

Throughout your home study period and for an unlimited period, you have access via email to our self study tutors. It might be that there is one area that you find particularly challenging or when doing the indicative exams you simply can’t see where the answer is coming from. Contacting us via email means that we can give clear guidance into these areas. Often it is much easier to see a solution than grapple over a telephone with difficult concepts.

To help with the CeMAP® home study, we provide a set of revision notes to act as aide memoirs just before taking the exams.

Please note that due to it being a self study course, it is not possible to offer the same guarantees that come with our residential courses. The interactive questions are set up for a windows based system, for delegates using Apple Mac or similar systems the questions are supplied as pdf’s.

The home study course is based on our highly successful class based course and comprises of :

  • A series of 9 lessons with expanded notes. This allows you to take the course at a pace that suits you.
  • You also receive a hard copy manual containing a set of “crib notes” which are very useful for revision purposes.
  • An internet link with 30 complete exams, including 17 indicative London Institute of Banking & Finance papers. These are set out in exactly the same format as you will take the actual exams, thereby allowing you to practice in “real test” conditions.
  • “Flashcards” which are ideal for last minute revision.
  • For those delegates who choose to include the support package, not only do we provide unlimited tutor support but also our unique CeMAP® Tricks where we highlight all of the trick question contained within the specimen papers.
  • Our unique guarantee: If after purchasing the course you feel that a classroom based environment would benefit you, then we will deduct what you have already paid from our fees.


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Home Study Tips

Plan to succeed:
Just when do you want to take the exams? Set a realistic plan and stick to it. Learning a new subject like CeMAP® can’t be done by leaving everything to the last minute. Remember the most effective way to learn is to understand not by memorising.

Find a Study Area:
If when you are trying to learn or revise you are sat in your favorite chair in the lounge then mentally, you will be relaxing. These are professional exams and as such, for a short period, will be your work. Create a work environment in the kitchen or dining room, not a relaxing environment such as the lounge or bedroom.

Ditch the Distraction!
Part of the reason for creating a study area is to avoid the everyday distractions of life like the TV. Tell your children and partner that you are working, only for an hour and that it is important not to be disturbed.

Reward Yourself:
Whether you’re attending a class or studying at home, it has probably been a hard day. So, work for an hour and then watch TV; work for another hour – have a cup of tea or take the dog for a walk. Don’t study late in to the night, words will just merge into each other. Learning has to be fun.
With the end of day exams, or the revision papers, set yourself a target result. When you achieve the result you set, enjoy that bar of chocolate – you deserve it!

Remove the Stress:
Walk in to the exam room knowing that you are going to pass. If you find that you are putting off your revision or finding excuses to do other things you, question yourself – am I ready? There is no shame in delaying matters.

Home Study Course Costs

Full CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3 Course – £475
with unlimited email support

Full CeMAP® 1, 2 & 3 Course – £325
with no email support

Full CeMAP® 1 Course – £245
with unlimited email support

Full CeMAP® 2 & 3 Course – £275
with unlimited email support

CeMAP Diploma – £199

Please note that there is no VAT to pay on any of our prices!

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Course Costs

CeMAP® 1 Clasroom – £495
CeMAP® 2 & 3 Clasroom – £495
CeMAP® 1,2 & 3 – £845
*SAVE £145 / 15%

CeMAP Diploma – £249
CeRER® Half Day – £149
CeRER® HomeStudy – £125
DipFA FSRE – £450
DipFA AFA (per module) – £175

After Course Support

At the end of your course you will be given a comprehensive HomeStudy package. This includes:

  • Extended slides and notes from the course you have attended.
  • An internet link to over 26 complete exams, with over 3,000 questions.
  • A series of flashcards, for those last minute revision aides
    Free to re-attend all or part of the course *
  • Online support 7 days a week, for as long as you need us *
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