Uberrimae Fidei reserve the right to postpone a course in the event of unforeseen events. Should this happen alternative dates will be given by the company. In the event of a delegate being unhappy with the training provided and requesting a full refund of training fees, written notice should be sent to the registered office; Uberrimae Fidei Ltd., 8 Newton Rd, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8DY within 5 days of completing the course and by means of recorded delivery. Alternatively you may eMail us or contact us by phone on 0800 020 6128 0800 020 6128 FREE. The offer of refund does not include any fees payable to IFS University College nor accommodation costs. Should any refunds be made then the offers of a free resit fee (CeMAP® 1, CeMAP® 2, CeMAP® 3) and the right to resit the course will be withdrawn by the company.

The money back guarantee on CeMAP® 1 & 2, if you are unsatisfied with the training you have received, do not apply to the HomeStudy course.

Unless stated the materials supplied are for use on a windows based operating system. Delegates using other systems such as Apple Mac shall receive their materials as pdf’s and as such they will not be “inter active.”

All materials supplied to a delegate shall remain the property of Uberrimae Fidei Ltd and cannot be passed over nor sold to any other person or party without the permission of Uberrimae Fidei. If a breach of this condition is made by a delegate Uberrimae Fidei Ltd reserve the right to seek full recompense.

The offer of “free to re-attend” the course in part or full is dependent on a course being available and will last for 12 months from the time that the delegate began their training with Uberrimae Fidei

Where a delegate cancels within 8 business days of their course commencing, then the full monies will become due. If a delegate postpones a course giving less than 8 business days notice then full payment will become due. These monies will be held on account by the company until the delegate returns on a future course. Any courses booked and paid for must be taken within a period of 12 months of the original booking. Any monies paid will be held on account for future courses for a maximum period of 12 months only. Thereafter any monies paid to the company become the property of Uberrimae Fidei Ltd.

These monies will not be held for future course cost outside the given 12 month period, unless at the absolute discretion of the company.

Once any part of the HomeStudy course has been sent to the delegate then no refunds shall become due to the delegate unless at the absolute discretion of the company.

The term unlimited and free to re-attend the course applies only to the first 12 months after attending the course or purchasing it if in relation to HomeStudy.

Uberrimae Fidei reserve the right to remove a delegate from a course if in its discretion the delegates conduct is detrimental to the running of the course. Should this occur then the full monies due for the course and any subsequent courses booked shall become due to the company.